About Us

We’re not just a cup of coffee. We’re a lifestyle.

SOL, it was known as a personification of The Sun and A God in ancient Roman Religion. The reason why SOL Coffee Roastery is built is because we wish to shine up your life with our amazing Coffee, just like how The Sun kicks start your perfect day in the morning.

We are originated from “The Pearl of the Orient”, the famous Penang Island. The company’s main Mission & Business Objective since the first day is to always provide the amazing quality of Coffee to everyone at affordable price.

At SOL Coffee Roastery, we always ensure our Coffee is served at the best quality, best freshness and best price. We provide our coffee products not only to the Corporates, F&Bs, Wholesaler but also the End Consumer.

The factor that keep us sustaining strong in the market is that we always ensure we supply only the Finest Quality and Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans to the customer. Quality and Result speak, you’ll get addicted to not only our Coffee Products but also our company once you have tried out our Products.

FREE DELIVERY within Peninsular Malaysia for orders of RM60 and above